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Moving, buying a new home in Nashville middle Tennessee is a great long-term investment. Consider buying your home in surrounding Nashville communities like Franklin, Murfreesboro, Hendersonville, Gallatin, and Clarksville. Cost of living prices are substantially lower in many surrounding Nashville communities, outside the primary downtown neighborhoods. For example, Murfreesboro and Gallatin offer excellent schools, local parks and affordable real estate prices for young families and seniors.

When moving into your new home, be sure to first test the water quality, look for mold and inspect for any leaks or signs of water damage that could be hazardous.

Always locate your electric power breaker box and water line shut off valves. Look in the attic for any water leaks. Check your HVAC unit is in good shape, well maintained and crawl space is mold free. Treat for bugs and rodents. Lowes sells affordable bug killer.

Change all door locks and garage door codes. Also consider installing a security system. Verify all smoke detectors are working and update each with new batteries.

Disinfect all cabinets, refrigerator and steam clean all carpets, prior to moving in.

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