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Moving in Nashville, Tennessee and around town creates a great opportunity to downsize your home inventory. The stuff you have sitting in a closet or piling up in the garage that ends up never being used. Do you really want to take it all with you? Why not hire a Nashville moving company that also helps downsizing your stuff. Contact Us

Nashville Moving Tips :

1. Downsizing is a smart way to earn extra money and get rid of stuff you don't need.

2. Organize your Nashville estate inventory to better manage it all during your moving.

3. Create groups of items that go to Goodwill and other valuables your prepared to sell with a Nashville estate sales company like Deans Liquidation.

4. Find a moving company that's affordable and offers third party moving insurance.

5. Map the shortest route to your new home. Find the time with least traffic volume to schedule your moving in Nashville, Tennessee. Avoid heavy construction zone areas.

6. Develop a to do list for your moving project that keeps everything simple and clear.

7. Put all your moving tasks on a master list and calendar with detailed notes.

8. Get free moving boxes from local liquor stores. Lowes and Walmart sell boxes.

9. Try to box electronics in their original box with its foam pads etc.

10. Moving supplies such as tape, scissors, box cutter, furniture pads, dollie etc.

11. Schedule disconnect times for cable, phone, electric etc. And change postal address.

12. Start packing about 3 weeks prior to your moving. Clearly label moving boxes.

13. Wrap fragile items like glassware, home decor and art in protective bubble wrap. Tip pack dishes china, vertically, don't stack china, dishes.

14. Bathroom items and liquids put in seal plastic bags for moving.

15. Stop buying groceries to clean out your refrigerator about 1 week prior to moving.

16. Gather cleaning supplies like sponges, mop bucket and sanitizer spray to clean the home after everything is out.

17. Always have mover first load heavy items like furniture into the truck.

18. Delegate labor in Nashville to your hired moving company. Let the mover do all the heavy lifting.

19. Offer plenty of fluids like water and juice during your moving. Don't get dehydrated.

20. Consider renting a monthly storage unit for items you want to keep long-term.

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